How I started silking

Silk discovered me in 2001, when vacationing in Estes Park, Colorado where I took my first silk painting class.  Since then, I've silk painted in Mendocino, CA, Port Angeles, WA, Santa Fe, NM, Capitola, CA, Washington Island, WI, Ocean City, Maryland, Gatlinburg, TN.   I have been a happy member of  SILK PAINTERS INTERNATIONAL,  since 2006. Presently, I am in two Galleries: Art on the Plaza in Mason City, IA and the Clear Lake Art Center in Clear Lake, IA.  I sell at city markets and attend a huge show in Des Moines in November.  

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I love neutrals, the warmer the better.  In my previous life, I was a high school special education teacher with a modest salary.  To me the purchase of a silk scarf was a luxury.  With that in mind, I incorporate many colors into one scarf to work with different outfits.  Purchasing a silk scarf is an investment to enhance your wardrobe.  A scarf with an abstract design works with numerous outfits without looking repetitious.  My scarves can be worn casually with jeans, business/professional attire and formal affairs.      

Why is this SILK so buttery?


For  my silks, I use high quality 100% charmeuse silk satin scarves (it  costs twice as much as habotai).  Silk satin, it is fluid, dense and  yummy, and less likely to wrinkle than lighter weight silk.   Silk is  measured by momme.  Much like t-shirt material, it has a thinner to  thicker quality.  Rather than habotai, crepe de chine or chiffon at 6  momme, I use 12 momme silk satin charmeuse, more silk so the dyes are  better absorbed for a richer color and a luxurious feel. Silk satin  charmeuse has a softly muted crepe on one side and the classic shiny  shimmery satin on the top.    My dyes are Sennelier/Tinfix from  France.  They have 100 years of experience formulating the best quality  dye available.  The dyes are rich and have a depth of color like no  other...highly concentrated, and therefore vivid and intense. They  require a steaming process to permanently set.  After rinsing my scarves  are permanently dyed.   

Care Instructions (you know, the spaghetti down the front)

Hand  wash in warm water with hand soap or shampoo, rinse, add a touch of  Downy or hair conditioner, rinse and let dry on a hanger.  I use an iron  (with a medium to high setting) with a light mist of Magic Sizing for a  little more body.  At home I hang my own scarves on hangers.  When  traveling I roll them on to each other in a tube-like fashion or really  ON a tube....never a wrinkle.      

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